Our Corporate Offer

Commonly organizations are rich in data, but are lacking insight into how to generate and grow their business based on insights from the data they already own. This is where MEMORATIO can help. We partner with corporations who strive to utilize their data to create innovative new business opportunites.

Opportunity Discovery

Our initial consulting engagement builds a snapshot view of your data and exposes a validated value proposition to be developed during the “opportunity build” phase.

Opportunity Build

During the opportunity build, we custom develop a dynamic Software-as-a-Service to improve your business data visibility.

Venture build

For venture building we partner with corporations to create and launch qualified and fitting ventures.

Our offer to Entrepreneurs

We partner with entrepeneurs who are in need of support to make a data driven business idea a reality. Does your startup already have rich data assets or are you looking to utilize large amounts of data in order to make your idea a reality? Talk to us.

Opportunity Assessment

In our opportunity assessment phase, we first validate your business model and conduct a due diligence. We assess data you have already collected or your data needs and define the terms of collaboration.

MVP Build

During the opportunity build, we develop all needed assets to build an MVP, including GTM Strategy, Brand, Design, Software.

Funding strategies

We build your funding pitch, coach you and all necessary assets to make a good impression in front of VC investors.



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